About 1to6ware

About 1to6ware

I can proudly announce that 1to6ware (or "Kukkanen Puoti" as my company's official name is in Finnish) is the first store in Finland specializing in 1:6 scale dollhouse collectibles. Without a doubt, we already have the widest selection of barbie-sized dollhouse items in Finland. And our own product brand has just been established!

The products of our own brand "1to6ware" are manufactured in Finland and are always assembled by hand. I hope that the day will come when I can say that our product range is one of the widest in the world when we talk about the product range of a single manufacturer. It's a big dream, but what's stopping you from dreaming big?

While waiting for my dream to come true, I hope that you will find from 1to6ware  products you like. Stop by my shop regularly, as new products are constantly being created. In the comments of this post, you can leave your wishes for the products you would like to find from us in the future.

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