The story of Kukkanen Puodi

Behind everything is a woman

Behind 1to6ware is me, Liisa Kukkanen from Joutsa, a doll enthusiast who is getting closer to retirement age every day. I used to be heavily involved in dog hobbies, but then I got asthma. At the same time, I discovered the doll hobby for adults, and my free time began to fill up again. As a reminder of my career as an active dog photographer, I have also added about fifty dog ​​breed books in dollhouse size to the selection. I have compiled the covers of all of them from the photos I took myself.


Where it all started

The tale of 1to6ware began on July 1, 2017 at 11:48 a.m. when I entered Savitaipale dollhouse fair. That's when I got to know the dollhouse hobby for adults for the first time. After discovering the Phicen dolls, I switched to barbie size in my own hobby. The next step was to move to the same size category with my shop. I was the first dollhouse accessories dealer working with 1:6 scale objects in FInland. And I am the one who has widest selection of 1:6 scale items.

In the video, I tell about the beginning of my doll hobby. Sorry, it is only in Finnish.


Dolls in product images

The pictures in the online store show my own 1:6 size dolls presenting the products. Most of the dolls are Phicens or action figures, but some Barbies are also included. My dolls also have their own lives, which I talk about on Facebook. On the other hand, you can find new news from 1to6ware on Instagram.

We are also happy to publish pictures of our products sent by customers.

See more detailed information here.


In the video I present some of the items I have made for sale.


Product images and their dolls

All product photos in the online store are taken of the products we sell. My goal is to take a picture of every item as well as a "representative picture", a picture with a ruler and a picture with a doll. The scale should therefore not come as a surprise to anyone. The dolls in the pictures are mostly Phicens or action figures, but there are also some Barbies.