Privacy statement

Register and Privacy Statement

This is 1to6ware's register and data protection statement in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Prepared on February 14, 2023. Latest change 14 February 2023.


1. The controller and its contact information

Tmi Kukkanen Puoti (business ID: FI10014967), subsidiary name 1to6ware (for international sales)

Pannuorenkuja 7

19650 Joutsa, Finland



2. The contact person responsible for the register

Liisa Kukkanen as the company owner is responsible for maintaining the register.



3. Register name

The register is the customer register of Kukkanen Puodi / 1to6ware.



4. Legal basis and purpose of personal data processing

The legal bases for the processing of personal data are the following bases according to the EU General Data Protection Regulation (hereinafter also "GDPR"):

  • The registered person has given his consent to the processing of his personal data for one or more specific purposes (GDPR 6 art. 1.a)

  • The processing is necessary for the implementation of an agreement to which the data subject is a party, or for the implementation of pre-contractual measures at the data subject's request (GDPR 6 art. 1.b)

  • Processing is necessary to fulfill the legitimate interests of the controller or a third party (GDPR 6 art. 1.f)

The aforementioned legitimate interest of the data controller is based on a meaningful and appropriate relationship between the data subject and the data controller, which is a consequence of the fact that the data subject is a customer of the data controller, and when the processing takes place for purposes that the data subject could reasonably have expected at the time of the collection of personal data and in connection with the relevant relationship. The purpose of data processing is to communicate with customers and maintain customer relations.



5. Data content of the register

The customer register stores the customer's first name, last name, street address, zip code, post office, country, email address, phone number, language used when doing business, currency used when doing business. The business customer's company name, social security number and VAT number are also recorded.

The online store's order information stores the information provided by the customer in connection with the order, such as the product content of the order, payment method and delivery method.

IP addresses of website visitors and cookies necessary for the functions of the service are processed on the basis of a legitimate interest, e.g. to take care of information security and for the collection of statistical data of website visitors in those cases when they can be considered as personal data. If necessary, consent is requested separately for third-party cookies.



6. Regular sources of information

The information to be saved in the register is obtained from the customer, e.g. From messages sent via web forms, by e-mail, by phone, via social media services, contracts, customer meetings and other situations where the customer gives out their information.

Information about contact persons of companies and other organizations can also be collected from public sources such as websites, directory services and other companies.



7. Regular transfers of data and transfer of data outside the EU or EEA

We hand over personal data to logistics and payment service partners to enable the operation of our online store. We do not disclose our customers' data for any other purpose. Personal data included in the register will not be transferred outside the EU or EEA.

Otherwise, the information is not regularly disclosed to other parties, we never provide information to outsiders for marketing purposes. Information can be published to the extent agreed with the customer (customer photos, product reviews).



8. Principles of registry protection

The database containing personal data is on a server, which is kept in a locked state, to which only designated and authorized persons have access due to their duties. The server is protected by an appropriate firewall and technical protection.

Access to databases and systems is only possible with separately issued personal user IDs and passwords. The registrar has limited access rights and authorizations to information systems and other storage platforms in such a way that the data can be viewed and processed only by the persons necessary for their legal processing. In addition, the usage events of databases and systems are registered in the log data of the controller's IT system.



9. Right of inspection and right to demand correction of information

Every person in the register has the right to check their information stored in the register and demand the correction of any incorrect information or the completion of incomplete information. If a person wants to check the information stored about him or demand corrections, he should send the request by e-mail to the controller. If necessary, the registrar can ask the requester to prove his identity. The controller responds to the customer within the time stipulated in the EU data protection regulation (generally within a month).



10. Other rights related to the processing of personal data

A person in the register has the right to request the removal of personal data about him from the register ("the right to be forgotten"). Those registered also have other rights according to the EU's General Data Protection Regulation, such as limiting the processing of personal data in certain situations. Requests should be sent by e-mail to the controller. If necessary, the registrar can ask the requester to prove his identity. The controller responds to the customer within the time stipulated in the EU data protection regulation (generally within a month).