Barbie vs Phicen

Barbie vs Phicen

Most of the Dolls in my product photos are Phicens. Now I am comparing the Phicen Dolls with Barbies/ Fashion Dolls. Of course there are many types of Barbies, but let's take an average Fashion Doll to compare.

The Dolls are about the same height, both are in 1:6 scale. But do note, Phicens are nowadays also produced in 1:12 scale. The head of a Phicen is smaller than Barbie's. It looks too small if you're involved in Fashion Dolls, but in fact it is more of a true human aspect ratio.

The skin color has a clear difference, at least between these two Dolls photographed in 2017. Anyway both Dolls do nowadays have many skin colors. The body proportions of a Phicen are more realistic than most of the Barbies.

Here we come to the limbs. The leg size is completely different, and the Fashion Doll has more slender (and more unrealistic) limbs in every way.

Some models of Phicens have undetachable feet, which is as soft as the skin. That is not so easy to push into a shoe. The ankle joint moves and you can use both high heel and flat shoes, but the doll doesn't like to stand Barefoot on its own, as the toes are so soft. I recommend interchangeable feet; then you can even use Fashion Doll boots by taking the Sole of the foot off.

The hands are not quite the same caliber either. Here the difference in skin color can be seen perfectly. Phicens usually come with interchangeable hands, and you can even buy them more hands in different positions.

What comes to Fashion Doll clothes, some do fit Phicens, but most are too small, as Fashion Dolls are skinnier. Here is an example:

From the front these look out ok,

but the truth is back there:

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