Liisa from 1to6ware

Liisa from 1to6ware


I'm Liisa Kukkanen from Finland, the shop owner. I got involved with dollhouse Hobby on 1st of July 2017 when I just by accident visited a dollhouse fair. And it was love at first sight! I have always loved crafting and this is a perfect Hobby for me.

I started with 1:12 scale dolls, but soon I found Phicens and I changed into 1:6 scale. In fact I was the first dollhouse item seller in Finland, who started selling barbie-sized items. Nowadays I have my own brand called 1to6ware and I sell worldwide. In Finland my store is called "Kukkanen Puoti" (Kukkanen's Shop), but internationally I use the brand name as the Finnish name certainly is not so easy to remember for a foreigner. I enjoy every moment with my doll Hobby and my 1:6 scale Collectibles shop. I hope you, too, do enjoy your stay here.

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