About Phicen dolls

About Phicen dolls

Many dolls posing in my product pictures are so-called seamless dolls, which are often called also Phicens. However Phicen is a trade mark of one manufacturer, TBLeague. Another well-known manufacturer is Jiaou Doll. To be honest, most of my dolls have a JD body, not TBLeague, however I talk about Phicens. I like JD more, because they have more variety in skin colors and body forms. Though TBL bodies are a bit more flexible as JDs. Nowadays there are also other producers, but JD and TBL are the most common manufacturers.

These dolls can be bought in a full package with a doll body and head, clothes and arming. For a reason (which I don't understand) these dolls are characters of movies or old Greek/Egyptian mythology. Those dolls are only produced for a certain period of time and cost quite much, somewhere around 400 €.

But there are also available just bodies and then just head sculpts. That makes the doll cheaper, but also higher possibility of getting non-matching skin colors. A body you can buy with 60-80 € and a head with 20-50 €. Some bodies can be bought also without or with a head. The ones with head cost about the same as plain bodies, but those are available just for a limited time.

When buying the body, you can choose the skin tone and the breast size. There are available taller and skinnier and also a chubby (but that is not fat, just a bit more curvy as others) bodies. In head sculpts the variety is enormous and there are a plenty of manufacturers. So the biggest problem is to get a match in the skin colors of the body and the head. Often the pale color is better as any darker one. Some heads fit perfectly with the seamless bodies, some need some filler to the joint.

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