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Computer set

Computer set

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Really finely finished desktop computer with all the necessary additional parts. Includes monitor, keyboard, printer, mouse, mouse pad and wrist rest. Specially designed for 1to6ware and 3D-printed in Finland, assembled by hand. Material plastic.

You can buy just parts of this set or all at once. The full set includes the following: central unit, monitor, keyboard, mouse, printer, mouse pad and wrist rest. Note that the latter two are only available in the full set.


Made as a 3D print in Finland, our own 1to6ware brand, assembled by hand. Material plastic. There are two color options: matte black and glossy gray.

Dimensions (height x length x width)

computer: 6,5 cm x 2,8 cm x 6,2 cm
monitor: 9,0 cm x 2,3 cm x 6,1 cm
keyboard: 2,2 cm x 0,4 cm x 5,9 cm
mouse: 1,1 cm x 0,4 cm x 1,7 cm
printer: 6,4 cm x 6,0 cm x 3,9 cm (measured without papers)
mouse pad: 2,4 cm x 2,4 cm
wrist support: 5,9 cm x 0,9 cm

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