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Sandwich with cold cuts - several versions

Sandwich with cold cuts - several versions

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Bread toppings

A sandwich with cold cuts is a nice snack, and we have them with a variety of toppings. Everything anyway handmade @ 1to6warei, Finland. Materials: air-drying craft paste, fimo slices, acrylic paint, glue.

Size: bread 1.7 x 1.7 cm, height including filling approx. 0.5 cm.

Flavor versions:

Cheese bread topped with one slice of cheese and tomato and cucumber slices.

Vege bread for vegetarians. The bread is topped with red pepper, zucchini slices and a lettuce leaf.

The taste of the ham-cheese bread is brought by air-dried ham, black olives and a slice of blue cheese.

Ham and egg bread; on top, a lard side slice of ham and three slices of egg.

The salami-paprika bread; salami slices, yellow paprika slice and tomato slices.

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